Friday, 11 November 2011

MUA (Make-Up Academy) Small Haul

I nipped into our local Superdrug other day and bought few MUA bits,I bought 4 lipsticks too but will be doing a separate post on those and I'm waiting for some  more lipsticks & eyeshadows I've ordered online too.Intend to re-do the lipstick review when they arrive as I shall then have shades 1-13,and a separate post on the eye-shadows,I desperately want eye shadow shade 13 couldn't find instore and out of stock online.:(Right I'm waffling now heres pic of some of my latest MUA goodies.
Left-right Powder Shade 1,Nail Polish Shade 1,Liquid Eye-Liner Shade-1,Liquid   Eye-Liner Shade- 3,3 in 1 Extreme Contour Pen -Black,3 in 1 Extreme Contour Pen-Brown.

Powder Shade 1
This powder seems a good match for my skin tone,feels lovely and soft and silky,and its a really generous amount for £1.The packaging is plain but its what's inside that counts and it doesn't come with a powder puff thingami,I use a brush anyway so that doesn't matter to me. I've not tried it properly yet over my foundation so will update once I have.

Nail Polish Shade 1
I like this shade its a very dark navy blue almost black with sparkles,really difficult to photograph.I had it on yesterday and it lasted really well no chips. I've swatched on a piece of paper as I couldn't be bothered doing my nails again.Only downside the writing on the bottle wears off really easily and also the shade number.

Liquid Eye-liners shade 1 and shade 3
Shade 1 is a gorgeous metallic green colour and shade 3 a metallic goldy colour.The applicator is a rubber kind of gizmo takes a bit of geting used to.These are a little on watery side,but if you apply and try not to smudge whilst they dry there fine.Heres pics on my eyes applied quite heavily so you can see it properly,excuse bad pic and my ugly wrinkly eyes ;)

Shade 1

Shade 3
Errgh my eyes are ugly :( nice eyeliner though

3 in 1 Extreme Contour Pen -Black,3 in 1 Extreme Contour Pen -Brown
I really love this eye-liners,I like how they are tapered at one side for a fine line and other end is thick for a thicker dramatic line.They come in a really handy twist up pen which is great no mucking about with sharpening and stuff. They are so soft and nicely pigmented don't drag on the eye at all,would be great for a smoky eye.Heres a swatch not a brilliant one ..sorry 
I bought a few more MUA bits instore and online,when they get delivered will be doing a review & swatches of the MUA lipsticks and single eye-shadows .

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