Tuesday, 8 November 2011

MUA (Make-Up Academy) Lipsticks

I've got 6 of the MUA lipsticks now and love them all.You`ve probably heard me raving on about MUA on other Blog posts,I really love the brand and love the prices even more! The lipsticks are really good nice and pigmented really soft to apply and quite long lasting.The beauty of them only being £1 is you can experiment with colours you`d not usually buy and if they don't suit you,you wont feel guilty cos youve not spent a small fortune.
I ordered mine online because my local Superdrug is really small and doesn't have much stock.heres a pic of the shades I bought.
L-R Shades 1,2,3,4,8,10

I've swatched them best I could here
Top row L-R Shades 1,2,3 Bottom,4,8,10

Shade 1 is a really rich deep red very pigmented really love it,shade 2 is lovely colour too quite a natural shade,shade 3 is a lovely bright pink I really love this shade,shade 4 I was disappointed with it looks a bright Barbie like pink but when i apply it can hardly see it(I do have quite dark lips though) still ok for a natural look,shade 8 is a reddish colour with gold flecks its really nice colour when applied,shade 10 is another quite natural shade too.I`ve taken some pics of the lipsticks on,but my camera not very good so excuse poor quality.

Shade 1

Shade 2

Shade 3

Shade 4

Shade 8

Shade 10
Not the best pics,not got the best lips or camera :)
.Im popping into town tomorrow will be hitting Superdrug for some more MUA lipsticks,I fancy some more pink shades.Will add some swatches when I get them.

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