Wednesday, 21 September 2011

George,Smartprice,Beauty UK Shatter Polish !

I bought a couple of George nail polishes and a Smartprice one along with the weekly shop at Asda,just liked the colours.I didn't expect much especially from the Smartprice one.I was really pleasantly surprised.The George polishes are priced at £1.75 and the Smartprice £1.53,only downside is the bottles are a bit on the small side but for the price cant complain.They have a big selection of shades in the George ones too,Im going to Asda tomorrow I bet I come back with another or two.
The George shades I bought are called Hoax a lovely purple colour & Buttercup a gorgeous bright yellow.The Smartprice called Silver.Heres pics from the Asda website.

I really,really impressed with the how long these polishes last,so hard wearing and don't chip easily.I used the Hoax 2 coats,then used a coat of the silver over the top of that.I applied Monday morning its now 2.30am Thurs morning and this how they look now ,no chips just wearing away slightly at edges of nails.In my calculations in a few hours the polish would have been on 3 days! 
I'm going to try the Buttercup one with a black crackle polish tomorrow,bumble bee combo,I wonder if that one is as long lasting (hope so)
I've just used the George Buttercup polish with Beauty UK shatter polish over it.Not as impressed with Buttercup shade needed 3 coats but its a lot lighter colour so there you go that's why.
The Beauty UK Shatter Polish was the first crackle polish I've tried and so far my favourite Its fab stuff,I must invest in some more.Anyhoo heres some pics please excuse the mess around my nails,I was a bit clumsy applying it and haven't cleaned it off yet.

Heres some pic of what I call a bumble bee combo,will have another go of this and try to do it more neatly next time.
Im popping into Asda tomorrow and will probably pick up some more polish,I need a really mega bright orange or red so I can do a lovely red & black crackle effect with the Beauty UK Shatter polish,oh and I need some more of that too :) Unfortunately our local Superdrug is proper pants and never has much in stock.Hopefully Superdrug online will a free postage promo soon and I can invest in more Beauty UK Shatter and try some of there polishes too.


  1. I LOVE the yellow and black combo, very eye catching. Going to have to get myself to Asda soon! :) xx

  2. Thanks,It reminds me of a bumble bee! I love the crackle poilshes great effect and simple to use.Ive seen a vid on YouTube showing you how to do a ladybird manicure,it looks really good I'm gonna try that next xxx