Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Hair Today gone tomorrow hair dye or Wigs & Hair by MissTresses ??

I suffer from Hypothyroidism which means my Thyroid levels are low and I have to take daily medication for rest of my life.Some of the side effects are dry skin, hair,and nails and hair loss. I'm really suffering badly from the hair-loss I lose big handfuls when I wash my hair. I'm currently having regular blood tests to try and get my levels and dose of meds correct.One of the side effects of the medication is also hair-loss.
I used to have lovely hair in great condition it was fine in texture but I had a lot of it.Now its really thin and coarse and mega dry, I'm losing a lot too you can see my scalp in places,is really depressing,I can just about manage to hide my scalp on nights out with back-combing and lots of fluffing and occasionally I've resorted to using a red felt pen to colour my blindingly white patches of scalp. 
My hair at the moment is a bright Pillarbox Red ( La Riche Directions Pillarbox Red ),I have to bleach my hair first to get the bright red colour,heres a photo from Sat 24th Sept in the local pub so you can get an idea of the colour,you can also see how dry it is.(p.s its not a real cigarette in picture its electric one you can smoke legally in pub)
I love my red hair but the bleaching every 6 weeks to re-do the roots and fade is taking its toll on my hair. I'm thinking of dyeing it with a semi-perm 28 wash dye for a while to give it a break from the bleaching.I bought dye from Superdrug online today for £1.99 (bargain) they have free postage going on till 24th Dec.This is the colour I chose Superdrug Creme Sensations Dark Truffle 6.7,this is a semi-perm which says it washes out in 28 shampoos.Its a boring colour I know but I plan on going back to red in few months if I can get the condition and hair-loss sorted.
This is the amount of hair Iam losing each time I wash Ive put a 10p coin next to it for scale.
And here is a picture from above you can really see how badly it is thinning and the scalp is really showing,it doesn`t help that my roots need re-doing,I find it looks better when my roots arent showing.

I shall be re-doing my roots very soon and dyeing with Stargazer Magenta,I will do a blog post showing how easy it is to get your hair a bright unnatural funky colour.

I was browsing on Amazon last night looking at wigs.I came across a lady who makes wigs,extensions,clip-in pony tails and hair pieces for fantastic prices and reviews called Celebrity Wigs & Hair by MissTresses,heres her website. 
She also has a Facebook page with lots of lovely pictures,the wigs look fab and the prices are brilliant.
I'm thinking of getting one of the wigs,to wear when I go out.I can then leave my hair and not dye it and let the red grow out for a bit,and leave off the bleach for good few months over the Autumn/Winter and re-dye it red in the Spring and emerge all colourful again a bit like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon !
I've narrowed it down to the wigs I like best,heres my picks what do you think?Please post comments good or bad as to whether you think they`d suit me and which you reckon would look best.
Here`s my choices this is Tiffany in black £34.99
This one is called Rock Chick in Velvet Fuchsia £29.99

So what do you reckon? I think the Rock Chick one and I love the colour too!! Theres loads of other styles and colours galore on the site,loads of celebrity wigs too like Lady Ga-Ga,Rhianna and cosplay fancy dress wigs too.She also sells hair extensions and clip in fringes,buns,pony tails prices are brilliant !
.Please like I've already said any comments good or bad appreciated
 thanks xxx

****** UPDATE ******
Update the lovely lady who make the wigs had a competition on her Facebook page,I entered and won !! Really,really happy the wig should be with me soon the Rock chick one in velvet fuchsia colour.I can`t wait and will add lots of pictures when I get it.I`ve not dyed my hair with the Superdrug dye I`m going to leave it for a while and re-dye it a Magenta colour.I`ll post pics of the re-dyeing & bleaching process too,will probably be in a week or two when my roots are a little longer.
I received the rock chick wig today,I love it its a gorgeous colour and lovely style Im really happy,heres a few photo `s of me wearing it.

I`m going to give the wig a trial run probably go to Asda with it on. I'm really pleased with it as it doesn`t look obviously "wiggy". I'm going to invest in another one soon too.Check them out at 
And the Facebook page
Lots of different styles& colours of wigs and hair extensions and pony tails,clip in fringes,great prices too and the quality is brilliant !!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your hair loss, I hope it is something that can get better. I like the Tiffany in black and the last one for a natural look but the bright red one is great for going out! xx