Monday, 28 November 2011

MUA (Make-Up Academy) Haul

MUA (Make up Academy) as you know is only available in Superdrug at the moment,they are planning their own site to buy from as well,soon hopefully as Superdrug doesn't always have much stock instore and online.
Well its free postage online and there has been a 3 for 2 offer for a couple of weeks (its finished now boo hoo).I have been buying quite a lot mainly online,heres some pics of my recent haulage.
I`ll be doing reviews and swatches a little bit at a time as there's a lot to get through,and likely be more soon :)
Heres 2 of the MUA palettes Heaven & Earth and Starry Night,11 eye-shadows,1 eye-dust and a eye primer. 

Pressed powder,blusher and 2 metallic liquid eye-liners

All 13 shades of lipstick,they are 3 more due out soon so I guess I`ll have to get them to complete collection :)
I will be reviewing and swatching my MUA haul over the next few days(as its gonna be a long job),starting with the eye-shadows. I've done a review/swatches of the Starry Night Palette here
And I've also done a review of 6 of the lipsticks here(before I completed my collection)


Saturday, 26 November 2011

FOTD 26/11/11

My First Blog FOTD here goes

Nip + Fab Sheer make-up Fix Primer
Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum Shade -Light Ivory 40
MUA Powder Shade 1
e.l.f Eyebrow Kit in Medium
MUA Heaven and Earth Eye-Shadow Palette 
Collection 2000 Pump up the Volume Mascara in Black
MUA Blush Shade 2
VIVO Baked Bronze Healthy Glow Shade 3
e.l.f Lip Liner in Bark
MUA Lipstick Shade 11

The eagle eyed amongst you will be saying what no eye-liner??I don't always use eye-liner as it sometimes irritates my eyes I wear contacts,I wear it on a nights out,but was just going to ASDA so didn't bother.

Please any comments good or bad are welcomed I love reading your comments.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

11/11/11 Black Sabbath re-unite alright now !!!

I was on Twitter yesterday reading Metal Hammers tweets,they had big announcement to make regarding Black Sabbath! I had a good idea what it was going to be as there's been rumours circulating for a while that Black Sabbath were getting back together.
They held a press conference and gave a official statement,they're reuniting with the original line-up after 33 long years.Whats more they are bringing out a new studio album in 2012 ,followed by a world tour and will be headlining Download Festival along with Metallica.
To say I'm excited is the understatement of the year, I've been a huge fan ever since I first heard them way back in the mists of time in the early 80`s.I was too young to catch them live before Ozzy left.They carried on with the late Ronnie James Dio(R.I.P),and also Ian Gillan and Tony Martin.
They then split and formed Heaven and Hell with Dio on vocals again,I missed seeing them too due to lack of funds. Luckily I saw Dio back in 84 on the Last in Line tour,oh boy he rocked my socks off,best gig I've been to !
Anyhoo I'm sooo excited, I've got to see them on tour this time,really hope they come to Manchester and I've got the funds,sod it I`ll sell my soul for tickets!!
Just thought I`d make a Blog post as I'm uber happy and excited.If anyone sees any Black Sabbath competitions,please, please give me a shout.Here`s a couple of pics then and now. 

Black Sabbath Then 1970 (year I was born)
Yesterday at press conference.,11/11/11

OOOhhh Im all excited !!! \m/

Friday, 11 November 2011

MUA (Make-Up Academy) Small Haul

I nipped into our local Superdrug other day and bought few MUA bits,I bought 4 lipsticks too but will be doing a separate post on those and I'm waiting for some  more lipsticks & eyeshadows I've ordered online too.Intend to re-do the lipstick review when they arrive as I shall then have shades 1-13,and a separate post on the eye-shadows,I desperately want eye shadow shade 13 couldn't find instore and out of stock online.:(Right I'm waffling now heres pic of some of my latest MUA goodies.
Left-right Powder Shade 1,Nail Polish Shade 1,Liquid Eye-Liner Shade-1,Liquid   Eye-Liner Shade- 3,3 in 1 Extreme Contour Pen -Black,3 in 1 Extreme Contour Pen-Brown.

Powder Shade 1
This powder seems a good match for my skin tone,feels lovely and soft and silky,and its a really generous amount for £1.The packaging is plain but its what's inside that counts and it doesn't come with a powder puff thingami,I use a brush anyway so that doesn't matter to me. I've not tried it properly yet over my foundation so will update once I have.

Nail Polish Shade 1
I like this shade its a very dark navy blue almost black with sparkles,really difficult to photograph.I had it on yesterday and it lasted really well no chips. I've swatched on a piece of paper as I couldn't be bothered doing my nails again.Only downside the writing on the bottle wears off really easily and also the shade number.

Liquid Eye-liners shade 1 and shade 3
Shade 1 is a gorgeous metallic green colour and shade 3 a metallic goldy colour.The applicator is a rubber kind of gizmo takes a bit of geting used to.These are a little on watery side,but if you apply and try not to smudge whilst they dry there fine.Heres pics on my eyes applied quite heavily so you can see it properly,excuse bad pic and my ugly wrinkly eyes ;)

Shade 1

Shade 3
Errgh my eyes are ugly :( nice eyeliner though

3 in 1 Extreme Contour Pen -Black,3 in 1 Extreme Contour Pen -Brown
I really love this eye-liners,I like how they are tapered at one side for a fine line and other end is thick for a thicker dramatic line.They come in a really handy twist up pen which is great no mucking about with sharpening and stuff. They are so soft and nicely pigmented don't drag on the eye at all,would be great for a smoky eye.Heres a swatch not a brilliant one ..sorry 
I bought a few more MUA bits instore and online,when they get delivered will be doing a review & swatches of the MUA lipsticks and single eye-shadows .

Thursday, 10 November 2011

November Competition Wins

Heres a list of things I've won during November,will add pics when I receive them,and a list of things that I've won but waiting to receive.

                                Musk Ox Soft toy - Facebook (Mikado game)

       MAOM Sweets and bag (had 5 bags of MAOM sweets inside)-Twitter

                                                         Zippo Lighter-Twitter

                           Lunaara Star pirate Chest sterling silver necklace

                            Jim Fixed it For Me T-Shirt Visual Candy - Facebook
    Blackberry Curve - Facebook(won in Aug but arrived today from Canada)

Golden Bracelet -Facebook

The best win yet, I'm still in shock a bed worth £2000 from Millbrook Beds on Facebook.Our picture of our horrible knackered bed won the dubious title of Britains Worse Bed.
 We will be getting this beautiful new bed in December.Really.really pleased as our bed is terrible,broken,uncomfortable just rubbish.Here`s a pic of the bed I have won really happy and such a great prize as we can`t afford a new bed and really desperately need one !!
Our bed has been crowned Britains Worst Bed,here`s the picture that won the title,brace yourselves its not pretty !! Can`t wait for the gorgeous new bed to arrive we are taking it in turns to sleep on the sofa,as the bed has broken even more since the photo was taken.

Stella Artois Cidre Glass -Facebook

Bottle of Bacardi Oakheart -Facebook (Instant Win) 

Fujifilm Finepix JZ500 Camera - Facebook

                                           Things I've won but not yet received
                                    Jelly Pong Pong Mineral foundation - Facebook
                         Case of Choccy covered mini marshmallows - Facebook
                                          £40 Amazon Vouchers (Twitter)
                                                         Vest top (Facebook)

October Competition Wins

October Competition wins

                                                                   AC/DC Hoodie 
                                                          Black Sabbath T-shirt

                                                            Motorhead T-Shirt
                                       All won from Rockworld East on Facebook

             Rock Chick Wig from Celebrity wigs by Mistresses on Facebook

                                  Tassimo Coffee Machine - Instant win game

                                                   2 Bottles of wine - Facebook 

                             Simple eye kind make -up corrector pen - Twitter

                                                        Key Necklace - Facebook

                                                     Retro Sunglasses- Twitter

                                              e.l.f Kiss n Tell Gift-Set-Facebook

                                             Collection 2000 Mascara-Facebook

                      Headphones & Panic in the Disco signed photo - Twitter

                               £40 of vouchers for Giraffe restaurant -Twitter

                                             Ministry Of Sound Cds- Twitter

                                      Things I've won in Oct but not yet received
                                       Jelly Pong Pong eye-shadow -FaceBook

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

MUA (Make-Up Academy) Lipsticks

I've got 6 of the MUA lipsticks now and love them all.You`ve probably heard me raving on about MUA on other Blog posts,I really love the brand and love the prices even more! The lipsticks are really good nice and pigmented really soft to apply and quite long lasting.The beauty of them only being £1 is you can experiment with colours you`d not usually buy and if they don't suit you,you wont feel guilty cos youve not spent a small fortune.
I ordered mine online because my local Superdrug is really small and doesn't have much stock.heres a pic of the shades I bought.
L-R Shades 1,2,3,4,8,10

I've swatched them best I could here
Top row L-R Shades 1,2,3 Bottom,4,8,10

Shade 1 is a really rich deep red very pigmented really love it,shade 2 is lovely colour too quite a natural shade,shade 3 is a lovely bright pink I really love this shade,shade 4 I was disappointed with it looks a bright Barbie like pink but when i apply it can hardly see it(I do have quite dark lips though) still ok for a natural look,shade 8 is a reddish colour with gold flecks its really nice colour when applied,shade 10 is another quite natural shade too.I`ve taken some pics of the lipsticks on,but my camera not very good so excuse poor quality.

Shade 1

Shade 2

Shade 3

Shade 4

Shade 8

Shade 10
Not the best pics,not got the best lips or camera :)
.Im popping into town tomorrow will be hitting Superdrug for some more MUA lipsticks,I fancy some more pink shades.Will add some swatches when I get them.