Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Directions Alpine Green and Turquoise Bleach and re-dye

I've not blogged properly for ages so this is my official 1st Blog post of 2013 

Since last post I've gone from having very bright red/pink hair to a mix of  Directions Alpine Green and Turquoise.This is the third time I've dyed it this mix,will probably be the last as I have a inkling to go back to reds/pinks/purples and fancy a pinky purple next time.

I started off with a very faded Alpine Green/Turquoise mix 50/50 ratio which I dyed back in October 2012,so it lasted pretty well and faded quite a nice colour.

I drenched my hair in coconut oil and left for at least an hour with a shower cap on to keep the heat in, as this can reduce damage done by the bleaching.I used Superdrug Coconut oil as I couldn't get hold of the pure stuff.The pure coconut oil which can be used for cooking is the best you can use but can sometimes be hard to get hold of. 

I got all my stuff ready for the bleaching.The powder bleach and peroxide ,2 towels I bought from Poundland,two shower caps Poundland. Tresemme deep cleansing shampoo.The 2 Directions dyes 3/4 tub of Alpine Green 1/4 tub of Turquoise  

The peroxide I used is 40% volume which is a bit too strong so I dilute it with shampoo and water,I really should be using a 30% volume peroxide.(note to self by 30% volume peroxide next time) You can also use box bleaches you can buy in Superdrug Boots etc I use this brand because I buy it in bulk as I use a lot of it every 3mths roughly and it works out cheaper.

I measured out roughly 40ml of bleach powder and 40ml of peroxide added them to tub and mixed well to nice creamy texture making sure there was no lumps
Then I added the same amount of Tresemme deep cleansing shampoo 40ml and a tiny bit of water as I was applying it to dry hair.It doesn't have to be Tresemme shampoo any will do but I find a clear one better as you can see it mix properly.Then I mixed the shampoo well into the bleach/peroxide mix.
Then I applied the mix to my hair starting at roots and then lengths and ends,as its mainly roots I wanted to bleach and just lighten the lengths a little to remove more of old colour.
I left mixture on and kept checking to see if it was light enough,once it was light enough at roots I rinsed and shampooed the excess bleach out and rinsed and rinsed.
Unfortunately I didn't leave the bleach on quite long enough and the roots were bit yellowy another 5/10mins would have done it ..ah well 
I then got my Directions dyes Alpine Green and Turquoise (3/4 tub Alpine Green,1/4 tub Turquoise) mixed them together in plastic bowl and applied to my hair 

It says on the instructions on Directions tub to leave for 15mins but I usually leave for at least an hour,some people even leave it on overnight as they're conditioning vegetable dyes wont do your hair any harm no matter how long you leave them on.I then put on my shower cap to keep the dye moist and not let it dry out and chilled out for an hour whilst it worked its magic.
After an hour I rinsed the dye off which is a chore as it takes hell of a lot of rinsing,it says on tub till water runs clear but that never happens,I did quick shampoo too to try and get rid of excess dye but you don't need to do this. After much rinsing and little bit of natural drying heres the finished job.

I wasnt too keen on the shade bit too dark and the roots look  a fair bit lighter (ive found this happen with these colours each time ive used them roots look lighter never had this problem with reds/pinks)
Normally I would have left it and the colour would have lightened after a couple of washes but I'm going to Hawkwind gig on Friday in 3 days time so didn't have time for this.So I mixed up a concoction of head and shoulders shampoo,Tresemme Deep Cleansing shampoo and a squirt of BF`s shaving foam,these are all well known for fading hair colour.I put the mixture on dry hair and left with shower cap for about an hour and rinsed and did a good conditioning.The shade had lightened quite a bit and roots less noticeably lighter,I don't intend to wash hair again before Hawkwind gig just in case when I shampoo it makes roots even lighter. I've got some turquoise left so will probably  go over roots again if they become noticeably lighter after couple of washes.

Well here it is voila Directions Alpine Green and Turquoise,what do you think? any comments good or bad appreciated,prefer this or the reds/pinks I used to be?


  1. Can I ask, why do you mix the alpine and turquoise? Im planning to use only one of them, but lighten them by mixing with conditioner or something..
    I think purple suits you better than this cold color :)

  2. You're right, the water never ever runs clear! Such a lovely bright colour, I've been wanting to try the alpine green myself, maybe it should be my next colour!