Friday, 16 September 2011

Tanatomicals Prize I won review

I was lucky enough to win a lovely set of Tanatomicals false tan in a Twitter competiton.I will be reviewing them tomorrow after lots of vigorous exfoliating tomorrow.Im a bit of a false tan newbie and to be honest bit of a false tan scaredy cat.Looking forward to trying them tomorrow lots of before and after pictures to come.Im really pale skinned as I have to avoid the sun due to having Vitiligo,so hopefully I can get my glow on !! Heres a pic of the lovely Tanatomical set I won.

Heres a picture of paleface me with no make-up on,please brace yourselves it aint a pretty sight ! I have Vitiligo which causes patches of white unpigmented skin you can see I have them around my eyes,this also a reason im so pale I tend to avoid the sun as it makes my Vitiligo patches stand out more .

This is after applying the Tanatomicals,its quite a light tan which I prefer.Im a false tan newbie and will be trying the others Ive got on my arms and upper body very soon. Im quite impressed its quite even dont look like Ive been Tangoed and if I want it darker can use more.I can now say Ive broken my fake tan virginity !!
I love the quirky names and descriptions on the boxes very funny !!

This is the one I used Tanatomicals get a tan without looking like your gran,body and face instant tan.

I will be jumping in the bath soon and doing much exfoliating after I've had my bath I`ll take some before pictures. I'm just tanning my upper body and face tonight.I will be using the mousse called "The Holy Grail for the deathly pale  instant + self tan mousse"(Im definitely deathly pale ! ) I expect I`ll have a light glow after applying and the tan develops darker in a few hours. I'm quite excited to see how it looks when fully developed !

Here`s a before picture after I've just got out of the bath not a pretty sight I know.Look really pale some call it pale & interesting I call it sickly white !

And heres a photo after Id applied the Holy Grail for the deathly pale,Instant & Self tan mousse.It was really easy to apply and as its instant you can see where you applying it.Its a lovely foamy mousse which spreads really well and I didn't use half as much as expected a little does go a long way.I also applied some to my face.
Voila !! a lovely golden glow like The Stranglers song Golden Brown!! It says it  on the box "an instant tanning mousse creating a golden tan in seconds,which then gradually develops into a natural looking tan." So it should develop into a darker tan,Im off to bed now and will see what it looks like in the morning(will post pics).Im very impressed so far,this was a trial run as a false tan newbie
This is the after pic ,wonder what It will look like further developed !!
Heres my arms before & after on my arms.

As I'm writing I can see the tan developing darker,I`ll definitely be using next weekend when I go to the pub to see a band.I`ll post another pic tomorrow to show how its developed further and if it goes any darker.

I`d recommend Tanatomicals Instant & Self tan mousse,as a false tan newbie its really easy to apply and the results aren`t too dark its ideal for paler skins too,come over to the brown side don`t be scared ! :)
I didn't take any more pictures after it developed as it didn't develop much darker (phew) I was scared to wake up looking like a frightened Satsuma.
I`d really recommend you to try it if like me your paler skinned and a bit nervous of using false tan.I will be trying the other types of Tanatomicals I received and will add more when I do.I`ll be using the mousse one again when I go to the pub in a few days to see a Rush tribute band,if you don`t know who Rush are ask your Dad :)

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