Saturday, 12 November 2011

11/11/11 Black Sabbath re-unite alright now !!!

I was on Twitter yesterday reading Metal Hammers tweets,they had big announcement to make regarding Black Sabbath! I had a good idea what it was going to be as there's been rumours circulating for a while that Black Sabbath were getting back together.
They held a press conference and gave a official statement,they're reuniting with the original line-up after 33 long years.Whats more they are bringing out a new studio album in 2012 ,followed by a world tour and will be headlining Download Festival along with Metallica.
To say I'm excited is the understatement of the year, I've been a huge fan ever since I first heard them way back in the mists of time in the early 80`s.I was too young to catch them live before Ozzy left.They carried on with the late Ronnie James Dio(R.I.P),and also Ian Gillan and Tony Martin.
They then split and formed Heaven and Hell with Dio on vocals again,I missed seeing them too due to lack of funds. Luckily I saw Dio back in 84 on the Last in Line tour,oh boy he rocked my socks off,best gig I've been to !
Anyhoo I'm sooo excited, I've got to see them on tour this time,really hope they come to Manchester and I've got the funds,sod it I`ll sell my soul for tickets!!
Just thought I`d make a Blog post as I'm uber happy and excited.If anyone sees any Black Sabbath competitions,please, please give me a shout.Here`s a couple of pics then and now. 

Black Sabbath Then 1970 (year I was born)
Yesterday at press conference.,11/11/11

OOOhhh Im all excited !!! \m/


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