Wednesday, 7 September 2011

My Ear stretching adventures

I decided to stretch my ear lobes back in February,my goal was 10mm or 00g,which I reached early August,Im contemplating going to 12mm,what ya think?.Here`s pictures of my progress from start to finish, 1.6mm - 10mm.

18 th February both Right & Left ears 2mm spirals

3mm Spiral Stretcher in left ear same in Right but no pic sorry

4mm Spiral stretcher,left ear

                   4mm Stainless steel flesh tunnels in both ears.

                                                                5mm Steel flesh tunnel

                                                             6mm Yin Yang plugs 

       7mm Titanium flesh tunnels

8mm Tunnels,I had to take out piercing next to stretch as it was getting to close to it.

9mm Titanium tunnels 

Left ear 10mm yay !! Plugs match my hair too 
Right ear 10mm woo hoo !!
Couple more pics with different tunnels in.
My partner treated me to some tunnels,10mm top hats here they are what you think? I think they make my holes look a lot bigger I love them.I can do gradual stretching with tape if I do decide to go to 12mm.The red on my ears is hair dye by the way :)
Left Ear

Right Ear

So what do you think should I go bigger to 12mm or do you think there big enough as they are, comments really appreciated 



  1. I'm currently contemplating stretching. Did you find it very painful? Personally I think it looks great but I wouldn't go too big myself xx

  2. It didn't hurt at all but I did it really slowly,I think that's the key not rushing it.Im at 10mm was considering going to 12mm but think I`ll stay at 10mm.Heres a good link about ear stretching, its also a brill forum & gallery of loads of lovely hair colours.

  3. Thanks i'll check it out. Really fond of the little spiral stretchers :) xx

  4. I love this! By the way, your hair colour is adorable. I'm a real fan of ear spirals because it's such a pain losing O-Rings all the time. I started stretching my ears in August/September, currently have 3mm in my left ear and 2.4mm in my right ear but not sure what will be the limit but 10mm seems to look great on others. I think go for 12mm :D I don't like it when it's stretched so large that the ear lobes end up spreading out like wings haha.

  5. thanks Vizune,I agree when their stretched too big they look really ugly lol.Im still at 10mm cant decide whether to go to 12mm yet. xxx

  6. Great Pictures! Nice post! Stretched ears are not something you often get given aftercare information for as most people do them by themselves at home and only seek advice if something goes wrong. Thanks for sharing..

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