Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Hair Today gone tomorrow hair dye or Wigs & Hair by MissTresses ??

I suffer from Hypothyroidism which means my Thyroid levels are low and I have to take daily medication for rest of my life.Some of the side effects are dry skin, hair,and nails and hair loss. I'm really suffering badly from the hair-loss I lose big handfuls when I wash my hair. I'm currently having regular blood tests to try and get my levels and dose of meds correct.One of the side effects of the medication is also hair-loss.
I used to have lovely hair in great condition it was fine in texture but I had a lot of it.Now its really thin and coarse and mega dry, I'm losing a lot too you can see my scalp in places,is really depressing,I can just about manage to hide my scalp on nights out with back-combing and lots of fluffing and occasionally I've resorted to using a red felt pen to colour my blindingly white patches of scalp. 
My hair at the moment is a bright Pillarbox Red ( La Riche Directions Pillarbox Red ),I have to bleach my hair first to get the bright red colour,heres a photo from Sat 24th Sept in the local pub so you can get an idea of the colour,you can also see how dry it is.(p.s its not a real cigarette in picture its electric one you can smoke legally in pub)
I love my red hair but the bleaching every 6 weeks to re-do the roots and fade is taking its toll on my hair. I'm thinking of dyeing it with a semi-perm 28 wash dye for a while to give it a break from the bleaching.I bought dye from Superdrug online today for £1.99 (bargain) they have free postage going on till 24th Dec.This is the colour I chose Superdrug Creme Sensations Dark Truffle 6.7,this is a semi-perm which says it washes out in 28 shampoos.Its a boring colour I know but I plan on going back to red in few months if I can get the condition and hair-loss sorted.
This is the amount of hair Iam losing each time I wash Ive put a 10p coin next to it for scale.
And here is a picture from above you can really see how badly it is thinning and the scalp is really showing,it doesn`t help that my roots need re-doing,I find it looks better when my roots arent showing.

I shall be re-doing my roots very soon and dyeing with Stargazer Magenta,I will do a blog post showing how easy it is to get your hair a bright unnatural funky colour.

I was browsing on Amazon last night looking at wigs.I came across a lady who makes wigs,extensions,clip-in pony tails and hair pieces for fantastic prices and reviews called Celebrity Wigs & Hair by MissTresses,heres her website. 
She also has a Facebook page with lots of lovely pictures,the wigs look fab and the prices are brilliant.
I'm thinking of getting one of the wigs,to wear when I go out.I can then leave my hair and not dye it and let the red grow out for a bit,and leave off the bleach for good few months over the Autumn/Winter and re-dye it red in the Spring and emerge all colourful again a bit like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon !
I've narrowed it down to the wigs I like best,heres my picks what do you think?Please post comments good or bad as to whether you think they`d suit me and which you reckon would look best.
Here`s my choices this is Tiffany in black £34.99
This one is called Rock Chick in Velvet Fuchsia £29.99

So what do you reckon? I think the Rock Chick one and I love the colour too!! Theres loads of other styles and colours galore on the site,loads of celebrity wigs too like Lady Ga-Ga,Rhianna and cosplay fancy dress wigs too.She also sells hair extensions and clip in fringes,buns,pony tails prices are brilliant !
.Please like I've already said any comments good or bad appreciated
 thanks xxx

****** UPDATE ******
Update the lovely lady who make the wigs had a competition on her Facebook page,I entered and won !! Really,really happy the wig should be with me soon the Rock chick one in velvet fuchsia colour.I can`t wait and will add lots of pictures when I get it.I`ve not dyed my hair with the Superdrug dye I`m going to leave it for a while and re-dye it a Magenta colour.I`ll post pics of the re-dyeing & bleaching process too,will probably be in a week or two when my roots are a little longer.
I received the rock chick wig today,I love it its a gorgeous colour and lovely style Im really happy,heres a few photo `s of me wearing it.

I`m going to give the wig a trial run probably go to Asda with it on. I'm really pleased with it as it doesn`t look obviously "wiggy". I'm going to invest in another one soon too.Check them out at 
And the Facebook page
Lots of different styles& colours of wigs and hair extensions and pony tails,clip in fringes,great prices too and the quality is brilliant !!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

George,Smartprice,Beauty UK Shatter Polish !

I bought a couple of George nail polishes and a Smartprice one along with the weekly shop at Asda,just liked the colours.I didn't expect much especially from the Smartprice one.I was really pleasantly surprised.The George polishes are priced at £1.75 and the Smartprice £1.53,only downside is the bottles are a bit on the small side but for the price cant complain.They have a big selection of shades in the George ones too,Im going to Asda tomorrow I bet I come back with another or two.
The George shades I bought are called Hoax a lovely purple colour & Buttercup a gorgeous bright yellow.The Smartprice called Silver.Heres pics from the Asda website.

I really,really impressed with the how long these polishes last,so hard wearing and don't chip easily.I used the Hoax 2 coats,then used a coat of the silver over the top of that.I applied Monday morning its now 2.30am Thurs morning and this how they look now ,no chips just wearing away slightly at edges of nails.In my calculations in a few hours the polish would have been on 3 days! 
I'm going to try the Buttercup one with a black crackle polish tomorrow,bumble bee combo,I wonder if that one is as long lasting (hope so)
I've just used the George Buttercup polish with Beauty UK shatter polish over it.Not as impressed with Buttercup shade needed 3 coats but its a lot lighter colour so there you go that's why.
The Beauty UK Shatter Polish was the first crackle polish I've tried and so far my favourite Its fab stuff,I must invest in some more.Anyhoo heres some pics please excuse the mess around my nails,I was a bit clumsy applying it and haven't cleaned it off yet.

Heres some pic of what I call a bumble bee combo,will have another go of this and try to do it more neatly next time.
Im popping into Asda tomorrow and will probably pick up some more polish,I need a really mega bright orange or red so I can do a lovely red & black crackle effect with the Beauty UK Shatter polish,oh and I need some more of that too :) Unfortunately our local Superdrug is proper pants and never has much in stock.Hopefully Superdrug online will a free postage promo soon and I can invest in more Beauty UK Shatter and try some of there polishes too.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Competition Wins

As well as being a beauty/make-up addict I'm also a comper (someone who enters lots of competitions).I was a big time comper a couple of years ago and did win quite a few good things,I just got out of it.
I've taken it back up and  I've been mainly entering Facebook and Twitter competitions. I've made a record of my wins since I re-started.

Late August and September wins

Knomo laptop/handbag - Facebook win

Jinkksy Mens Bracelet - Twitter win

Chocolate & Make-up -Facebook win

Tanatomicals false tan set -Twitter win

L`Oreal Mythic Oil - ?? just turned up no idea where from

Otazu Swavorski necklace - Facebook win

Yumi Direct scarf -Twitter win

Dolce Gusto coffee pods 16 pack - facebook win

Darren Shan Ocean of Blood autographed book-Facebook win

 2 Cinch-it Dog collars -Facebook win (too big for our 2 sending to local dog rescue place)

Pre-paid MasterCard with £10 on it -Twitter

Bottle of water-Twitter

Sex Toy - Twitter

Fuji -Film Camera & £200 of accessories -Twitter

Hamper and bouquet - Twitter 

6 months supply Crunchy Nut Clusters(19 boxes) - Facebook

Pet safe kindly re-sent us two more Cinch-It collars that fit Goucho & Sabra perfect,really kind of them. I've posted the collars that were too big to a dog rescue centre a Twitter friend volunteers at.Here are Sabra & Goucho modelling their new collars.

Apetina Voucher-Twitter

£90 Hi-Tec Walking boots- Twitter

Beverley Hills Formula mouthwash - Twitter

Nip and fab primer -Blog Win 

Stargazer Magenta Hair Dye - Twitter

Bottle Fairhills of Wine(drunken) - Facebook

Discovery Encyclopaedia - Facebook

Blackberry Curve - Facebook


AC/DC hoodie,Black Sabbath & Motorhead T-shirts-Facebook

Rock Chick wig - Facebook

Tassimo Coffee Machine - Instant win game

2 Bottles of wine - Facebook 

Simple eye kind make -up corrector pen - Twitter

Key Necklace - Facebook

Retro Sunglasses- Twitter

e.l.f Gift-Set-Facebook

Collection 2000 Mascara-Facebook

Headphones & Panic in the Disco signed photo - Twitter

£40 of vouchers for Giraffe restaurant -Twitter

Ministry of Sound Summer Collection CDs - Twitter

MAOM Sweets and bag (had 5 bags of MAOM sweets inside)-Twitter


SBC Facemask-Twitter

Musk Ox Soft toy - Facebook (Mikado game)

Zippo Lighter-Twitter

Lunarra star necklace-Facebook

Jim Fixed It For Me t-Shirt Visual Candy -Facebook

Golden Bracelet-Facebook

The best win yet, I'm still in shock a bed worth £2000 from Millbrook Beds on Facebook in their quest to find Britains Worst Bed.
Our picture of our horrible knackered bed won the dubious title of Britains Worse Bed and we will be getting this beautiful new bed in December.Really.really pleased as our bed is terrible,broken,uncomfortable just rubbish.Here`s a picture of the gorgeous bed I have won really happy and such a great prize as we can`t afford a new bed and really desperately need one !!
This is my picture that won the title of Britains worst bed,its awful Im quite embarrassed to say the least and its incredibly uncomfortable me and my partner Stue have been taking turns to sleep on sofa,brace yourselves it aint pretty.

Stella Artois Cidre Glass -Facebook

Bottle of Bacardi Oakheart - Facebook (Nov)

Fujifilm Finepix JZ500 Camera - Facebook (Nov)

Things I've won that have yet to arrive
Eye Wrinkle freeze pen- Twitter (sept)
Jelly Pong Pong Eyeshadow Duo - Facebook (Oct)
Jelly Pong Pong Mineral Makeup- Facebook (Nov)
Case of mini marshmallows (Nov)

                                               £40 Amazon Vouchers (Twitter) (Nov)
                                                         Vest top (Facebook) (Nov)