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Vivo Cosmetics Review

The lovely folks at VIVO cosmetics sent me some lovely goodies to review,they sent them me quite a while ago and the review is long overdue,mainly because of camera problems.VIVO Cosmetics is a newly launched brand and is available to buy in Tesco its a really good value prices from £1.50-£6 which is great if your on a budget,or like me don`t get sucked in by all the hype and marketing of the expensive brands.There are plenty of cheap alternatives out there which are just as good and sometimes even better.
They sent me a lovely selection of their make-up to test and review.Heres a pic of what was sent to me.
Right heres what we have on the left top to bottom Trio eye-shadow Palette Green with Envy, Trio Eye-shadow Palette Be-Dazzled, Baked Shimmer Palette Paparazzi.Next we have Baked Bronze Shade 2,Baked Bronze Shade 3,Baked Blush Rosy Shade 2,Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss Shade 1,Lipstick Red Red Shade 4,Under Eye concealer Roll-On Light Shade 1,Liquid eye liner.Now from left to right Cream Highlighter,Eye-Liner Black Glitter,Curve Effect Mascara,Volume Mascara.
I really love the packaging it is sturdy quite chunky and looks very stylish.The eye-shadow and baked palettes have handy mirror and double ended applicator.
Right onwards with the review and swatches,its going to be very picture heavy :)
Let the review begin *fanfare*
Trio Eye-shadow palette Green With Envy
Trust me these are green shades they have come out rather grey looking I don't have the best camera.
It has a bit of info on the back "A palette of enviable shades that will bring out your inner goddess for seductive and powerful eyes" and a little tutorial which I intend on trying soon. I'm not a massive fan of green eye-shadow,bit scared of it I think :) but I've been converted along with VIVO I've tried a couple of other greens,and don't know what I was bothered about even my other half complemented me said my make-up suited my eyes *shock*.Anyhoo I'm waffling one of my faults I'm very easily distracted.Back to the Green with Envy trio palette,this is a really lovely little palette the shadows are really soft and quite pigmented,my fave is the middle shade a lovely mid green shimmery colour,heres a swatch.

Trio eye-shadow palette Be-Dazzled 
Be-Dazzled info on back  "A contrast palette of sizzling shades that brings intense colour and sparkle for eyes that dazzle."
This is a great palette too nicely pigmented and shimmery shades.A silvery/grey,Pink and Black glittery shades.I cant see myself using the pink not a massive fan of pink eye-shadows kind of reminds me of when I was a teen back in the 80`s (yes I`am that old ).I really love the black glittery shade on right its gorgeous. I've tried to show the lovely glitter in the black shade.

Baked Shimmer Palette Paparazzi
This is another lovely palette 4 baked eye-shadows and a baked blush.The blush is really lovely warm shimmery pink with gold running through it,really gorgeous.Then the eye-shadows a black shimmery one with a silvery white running through it,this is a gorgeous colour,next a green with gold through it a lovely colour too,then a pink with a slight blue and white running through it and last but no means least a shimmery blue/purple/white.I love the blush in this palette really gorgeous again not a fan of the pink shadow (but that's just me).The green/gold is a lovely shade nice and shimmery a good combo too green and gold,then the last one a purplish blue(Blurple) with a  silvery white shimmer going through it.Heres some swatches before you all start going "errgh look at the dry skin on her arms" I suffer from low thyroid which causes horrible dry skin especially on my arms.

L-R Baked Bronze -Bronzed Shade 2
Baked Bronze - Healthy Glow Shade 3
Baked Blush- Rosy Shade 2
I really,really love these baked bronzers,shade 2 on left is the darker of the two,its a really beautiful bronzer lovely and soft and pigmented with gorgeous gold shimmers running through it.Info on the back says "A stunning bronzer with gold undertones that leave your complexion sunkissed and gorgeous"
Shade 3 bronzer the lighter one is equally as lovely nice and soft and pigmented,I can see myself using the lighter one more as I'm quite pale skinned and the darker one in summer or when I`m wearing fake tan or just fancy a bit more colour.The info on the back same as other shade.
The baked blush is also a lovely and soft shimmery and pigmented.Info on the back of blush "A stunning blush with pink undertones to give all over warmth and colour to your complexion"the blush and bronzers look really good together,I love them ! 
Heavily Swatched

Diamond Sparkle Lipgloss -Candy Floss Shade 1
Info on back "A colour intense formula with brush applicator that gives lips instant vibrancy and sparkle for a full and even coverage."
This is a light pink gloss with tons of sparkle ,its quite sheer and gives a lovely sparkle on the lips either on its own or over your lipstick.I really like the applicator a brush, when you squeeze the tube the product comes onto the brush,much prefer this than wand applicators.It doesn't feel too sticky on the lips and has no scent or nasty taste.
I found it really difficult to photograph to show the gloss properly and the sparkles this is the best I could do,trust me its really sparkly.

Lipstick -Red Red Shade 4
This is a really lovely lipstick great texture pigmentation feels nice and moisturising on the lips and lasts a long time.I really don't suit the colour at all its a really bright red,I`d definitely buy it in another shade though as its great apart from the shade.Heres a swatch

Under Eye Concealer Roll-On -Light Shade 1
Info on bottle "Banishes dark circles for refreshed wide awake eyes"
It a nice concealer and handy being a roll-on.I don't have the problem of dark circles I have Vitiligo and have circles of this around my eyes completely white unpigmented areas,the way I describe it is like a Panda but in reverse.I usually need a heavy concealer to give my unpigmented skin some colour before applying my foundation.This doesn't quite do the job,it does work slightly,it does brighten up my under eye area but I imagine if your under eye circles arent too dark it would be enough coverage.

Liquid Eye-Liner and Black Glitter Eye-Liner
The liquid eye-liner is a kid of slate grey colour,I really love the brush with it its nice and fine and can get right close to your lashes,its really easy to use and gives a nice line,I hate liquid eye-liners that have chunky thick brushes,this one is perfect.It dries really quickly too I definitely recommend it
Black Glitter Eye-Liner,this is really lovely soft easy to use eye-liner,it doesn't drag or pull on your eyelid,it comes with a smudger (is that the right word?) on one end of the pencil and would be great for a smoky eye look.Out of the two I prefer the liquid.

Cream Highlighter info on the back "can be used all over the face under foundation or on its own to instantly illuminate skin to give a beautifully soft and glowing complexion.Also used to highlight cheeks and under brow bone for perfect radiance"
I really love this highlighter it gives a really radiant glow when used under my foundation,really brightens my skin. I've not tried it as a cheek or brow highlighter yet,so can`t comment how it looks there.I mix a bit with my foundation I really recommend this its lovely
Swatched as best as I could 

Curve Effect Mascara- Black
Lovely Mascara with a curved brush that gave my lashes a lot of length and volume,I found the curved brush a bit hard to get used to but once Id sussed it was fine.Its a great consistency not too thin/thick and lovely and black,it really did lengthen my lashes Id recommend it for a night time look.
Ive tried my best to take a pic of my eyes with mascara on but my camera isn't the best so heres the best I could do.

Volume Mascara- Black
This too is a great mascara, really nice and black not too thick or thin applies really well.Id use this one for daytime or less dramatic looks as its not as lengthening as the curve one,still a great mascara.Again heres a pic of it on the best I could do with the camera I've got.

My overall verdict of VIVO is positive really good quality and brilliant price.I love the liquid eye-liner will be buying some more in Black and a couple of other colours,I love the bronzers and would like a baked blush in a different shade,and a lipstick in another shade.Id also like a trio palette in different shade too. I'm not too keen on the roll-on concealer only because its not quite heavy enough coverage to hide my Vitiligo (I imagine it would be fine for anyone wanting light coverage).Also not to keen on the glitter eye-liner pencil just personal,I prefer liquid eye-liner.

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