Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Bleaching and re-dyeing my hair with Stargazer Magenta

I'm re-dyeing my hair which involves me bleaching the roots and bleaching the ends a little bit to remove the remnants of my previous dye(Directions -Pillarbox Red) which has faded.
I'm going to be doing a bleach bath which is less harsh and damaging to the hair.Here`s a step by step guide hope its of help to someone !!
Righto here`s my hair at the moment faded and lots of roots its horrible !

This is the dye I'm using Stargazer Magenta ,which is a semi perm conditioning dye.It has no ammonia or peroxide and isn't harmful to the hair,in fact you can leave the dye on over night which I've done before.
It works best on pre-bleached hair,and it comes in loads of different shades,20 in fact,blues,greens,reds,purples,pinks all colours of the rainbow !!
Right heres a list of the things you`ll need to do your bleach bath.
Powder Bleach
Peroxide Developer
Measuring Cup
An old towel

Measure the amount of powder you`ll think your going to need into measuring cup (I used 40ml) and place in bowl or plastic tub,I use the plastic tubs from takeaways and ready meals.(don't ever use anything metallic) 

Measure same amount of developer (40ml in my case)

Mix both the powder and developer together ,into a creamy mixture make sure there's no lumps

Next measure 2 parts shampoo (40ml in this case) if using on damp hair
Or 1.5 parts shampoo & 0.5 water if applying to dry hair (30ml shampoo & 10ml water in this case ) Mix into the bleach mixture making sure its thoroughly mixed and no lumps

Now apply to your hair,and wait checking it every 5/10 mins until its lightened to your desired colour

Have a cup of tea relax keep checking it, voila your roots are done and ready for the next step the dyeing !

Now rinse all the bleach out really thoroughly and shampoo and rinse,DO NOT use any conditioner as this acts as a barrier and stops the dye working info is on the box.I usually now wrap a towel round my head turban style and relax and  let it dry quite a bit,as the dye is used on slightly damp hair.

Right its dry enough to put the dye on,its a multitude of colours looks weird,should be ok when dyed 

Before you apply the dye make sure you protect all your surfaces in bathroom that might get splashed with dye as it can make a right mess and resemble a scene from the movie Saw ! 
Also use plenty of  Vaseline around your hairline neck and ears, to prevent the dye staining you, if you`ve no Vaseline a moisturiser will do.Apply the dye as per the instructions on the box,using a tinting brush to cover all your hair,make sure its all covered.

Give it a good rub in then wrap cling film around your head or a plastic bag,shower cap etc ,to stop it drying out. I'm leaving mine on for an hour as its quite late at night,you can leave it on longer if you wish,even overnight as its a conditioning dye and wont do any harm.
Here Iam cling filmed up,going to have a cuppa and a bit of Facebook  for an hour whilst it works its magic !

Right I've rinsed now ,make sure you rinse really really well,it says till water goes clear,but you`ll be rinsing for ever to get it clear,I always do a couple of final rinses with cold as I can take it water.I`ve then used a deep conditioner for half an hour which you really need because of the bleaching.
Its turned out really purplish and darker than I thought it would but I love it !
Everyone's hair is different and the colour is different depending on your base colour,I expected mine to be quite dark because of the faded red underneath.
I've seen people use the same colour Magenta on really blonde hair and it comes out really pink.A site I find really useful for looking at hair colours is   the gallery section on beeunique, there's also a great forum,for all hair & hair dye related stuff and a shop to buy your dye.Heres the Stargazer Magenta link  on beeunique you can see how different the colour is from person to person.
Right heres a picture of my hair while its still wet(looks awful wet),Ill take another when its dry tomorrow and in natural light.It will fade after a few washes too and I`ll take pics so you can see the colour change as it fades.

Awful picture will take better in daylight tomorrow.
Its the day after I've given it another wash as my scalp and hairline were pretty stained.Sat here with deep conditioner and a plastic bag on my head,will take a proper picture when I've rinsed and dried it .
Right heres a couple of pics,please ignore the messy hair and face.
Its quite darker than I expected but it will fade with each wash.I will add a picture each week till it needs re-doing so you can see the fade.
You dig my purple lipstick? Its MUA eye-shadow shade 9,well it was Halloween !!
Here`s my hair after 3 weeks,I usually wash it 2 times a week.Its faded a but,bit still going strong I love it !

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  1. Hi there, Moon Fairy! I totally love the color of your hair! It fits you and your hip personality. It’s really hot and stylish. Just a tip: Limiting the frequency shampooing your hair is a must to prolong the brilliance of your hair color. But if you want the color to last longer, you can try washing with vinegar. Every beautician knows that this p condiment can do wonders to your hair. ^_^

    Lakisha Gelb