Tuesday, 29 January 2013

NOTD Sally Hansen Salon Manicure ,Midnight in NY and Oxide

NOTD Sally Hansen Salon Manicure,Midnight in NY and Oxide 

I recently bought a haul of polishes from Poundland including quite a few of the Sally Hansen Salon Manicure polishes.
This is one is called Midnight in NY.Its a black polish with very fine glitter which is very hard to photograph,trust me its there.I tried taking a pic to show the fine glitter but its really hard to photograph.

And heres another shade I picked up Sally Hansen Salon Manicure shade Oxide.Its a gorgeous sparkly gunmetal dark silvery shade love it !!
These polishes are really good quality and come with a wide brush which I love they last quite a long time and you get by with 2 coats,well that's the shades I've tried. I've got a lot of shades now each time I pop into Poundland I always manage to find some good polish and they have been stocking these lately. Look out for Sally Hansen insta-dri too if you visit Poundland, they are fab polishes too !!

I used both shades for my NOTD Midnight in NY and Oxide on my index finger.I think my fave is the Oxide love how its a gunmetal but sparkly too.

I then put some Revlon Radiant which is a gorgeous turquoisey glitter which I won over Christmas from Revlon on Twitter,it arrived in post that day so I had to try it out on my pinky finger over the Midnight in NY  :) 

I`ll be doing some more NOTDs with my Poundland haul over next few days weeks so look out for them,and remember you don't have to spend a fortune ,get to Poundland check out there beauty section !! I'm going again tomorrow lets see what I come home with ;)

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