Monday, 31 October 2011

I've been a Lazy Blogger *slapped wrists*

Right folks I need to do loads of reviews of goodies I've bought/won/been given to review. I'm going to get cracking starting tomorrow I'm going to be reviewing some lovely make-up from VIVO cosmetics. I've also bought a lot of MUA (make-up Academy) from Superdrug which I need to review.I also need to review some goodies I was sent from Lumiere Cosmetics.And a few other little bits and bobs to review.
I've been a lazy Blogger and need my wrists slapping :0) I was slightly put off when I did a lengthy review with loads of pics and swatches,and I forgot to save my post,about 3 hours it took me to write/swatch/take pics,I was soooo annoyed.I guess it will teach me in future to save as I'm going along, I'm a total newbie Blogger.
Im holding a give-away when I reach 50 followers(have 30 currently) so will need to get some more posts done,as no one is interested in a Blog with hardly any content.
Right I promise to myself I will get my bottom in gear and start doing more reviews and posts.

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