Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tattoo addiction

Earlier this year I had not one tattoo,I now have a collection of 7 including a stupid home done one on my foot.I had one done on Sat by my partners nieces boyfriend I was itching to be inked and couldnt afford my usual tattooist who is brilliant.So I had a guitar done with roses around it. My usual tattooist,has started working on a underwater half sleeve bit by bit as and when I can afford it.Well heres my latest excuse the terrible webcam picture.

Heres a pic of my Octopus one which is going to be a underwater aquatic half sleeve eventually.

Heres another of my faves my lovely Alice in Wonderland Hookah smoking caterpillar

I`ve also got a dragonfly on my left front shoulder which I really love the colours 

My cute little ladybird on base of my thumb,I love this one its so small and cute 

My very first one my moonfairy this is actually my least favourite dont know think its because I cant see it on my back.This is the one that broke my tattoo virginity.Ignore my awful pimple scarred back (might get stars done to cover them up)

And heres me having the moonfairy done,I really love the feeling of being tattooed but Iam a it strange 


  1. Your tattoos are all fab! especially loving the lil ladybird :)

  2. AW thanks my fave is the caterpillar I think lol